Mother’s Day – it’s time to spoil your Mum in Chester!

Mothers Day In Chester

The Goddess In Our Midst, Mum…

So I am sat by the Dee in Chester on a blustery afternoon with William Makepeace Thackeray and Rudyard Kipling.  We are drinking coffee and possibly eating cake but I can’t confirm that. Apparently if you don’t confirm the cake, the calories don’t count. Mother’s Day is the subject under discussion or is that Mothering Sunday? What is the difference? Is there a difference?

I order another skinny mocha chocolate with soya milk, ethically sourced sugar cane lumps, an extra espresso shot and chocolate sprinkles otherwise it tastes foul. The guys and me accept that Mums need some acknowledgement and appreciation and so it is a big thumbs up to Mother’s Day. The question is what do you do for Mum? The options and choices are bewildering. How do you know what’s on or what to do? 

I asked Kipling but he was too busy eating, what looked to be exceedingly good cake.  A boat full of river cruisers drifted by and I could hear the guide talking about the Roman beginnings of Chester. If the Romans founded Chester and built the first incarnation of the city, then presumably they were also responsible for the first Italian restaurant in Chester. Such a vibrant city now with such a fascinating pasta…

Anyway, back to Mother’s Day.  It is one day. Just one day that we have to put together to say thank you to Mum and let her know we appreciate her. 

Right then… breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner? English, Italian, Thai or French? In the city? In the countryside? Cake? Coffee?  Shiraz or Malbec, I am sure he played for Juventus? Spa day or pamper package? Sunday roast or a la carte? The zoo? Ceramic painting? Comedy club? Live gig? Seaweed glaze – do you eat it or wear it? Will I be able to get tickets or book a table? How do I do that? Can I see the best restaurants in Chester in one place, choose one and then book a table, can I do that?

In 2021 you can show your love with a fabulous takeaway and your visit to our dear city will wait a little bit longer.