Chester Zoo to Provide Students and Schoolchildren with Free Admission

A not-for-profit organisation, Chester Zoo is committed to its ongoing conservation mission in the UK and across the world. However, an important part of its work is to raise awareness for the plight of 3,000 endangered species and to protect them. This involves informing and supporting the next nationwide generation of conservationists.

As part of this initiative, Chester Zoo is offering opportunities for students in the UK with a chance to access a total of 35,000 free tickets. This year, an expanded list of institutions including colleges, schools, and nurseries up and down the country can apply. However, conservationists at the zoo are especially keen for schoolchildren in more disadvantaged parts of the UK to make use of its offer.

The aim of the zoo’s scheme is to encourage younger people to discover their passion for helping save species from extinction and inspire them.

Director for Conservation Education and Engagement at Chester Zoo, Charlotte Smith, said:

“Every one of us is a custodian of our natural world but it’s the next generation of conservationists – children and young people today – who are fundamentally important to overcoming the environmental and biodiversity challenges our planet is facing.”

The free ticket scheme began in 2017 and has led to over 100,000 young people visiting Chester Zoo. All successful applicants who secure tickets can now visit Chester’s award-winning wildlife conservation charity at no charge as part of a school trip from November this year to February 2025.

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