Enjoy Shark Experiences at Blue Planet Aquarium

Less than seven miles from Chester by car, the Blue Planet Aquarium in Cheshire Oaks is a popular attraction in the northwest. While there are thousands of marine animals to witness and learn about, a major draw of the aquarium is the multiple species of shark that call the attraction home.

For the brave and the bold, the Blue Planet Aquarium offers unique experiences called “Shark Encounters”. These underwater adventures teach participants the basic diving techniques in scuba sessions where sharks swim by.

A PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) recognised lesson, it is taught by a highly experienced and qualified team. Those taking part can dive with 10-foot-long nurse sharks and sand tiger sharks, blacktip sharks and brown banded and Arabian bamboo sharks, along with blackchin guitar fish and southern stingrays.

Each session includes a cage-free diving experience with complete instructions for a safe but close-up shark experience. Scuba equipment is provided, and each participant will receive a Blue Planet Aquarium certificate stating that they have dived with sharks onsite. Divers can also invite two spectators to watch their encounter for free.

While this experience is designed for adults, the Blue Planet Aquarium also offers a junior edition, which comes complete with specially sized scuba gear for children. Sessions take place in the Ocean tank’s reef section where kids can enjoy an up-close experience with five-foot long black tip reef sharks, a zebra bullhead shark, Port Jackson sharks and bamboo sharks.

For shark adventures for all ages, consider adding the Blue Planet Aquarium to your itinerary on your next Chester trip.

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