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  • Latest Chester Things To Do news

    Feb 25
    Mother’s Day 2022 – Your Definitive Guide to Mother’s Day in Chester

    It’s that time of the year to celebrate the goddess in our midst… Our Mum…

    Feb 22
    Storyhouse to Hold Theatrical World Premiere This Autumn

    Storyhouse is set to host the world premiere of The Time Traveller’s Wife this…

    Feb 11
    Chester Zoo Announce The Arrival of The First Aardvark Born at The Zoo

    Chester Zoo has announced the arrival of Dobby, the first ever aardvark to be born at…

    Feb 07
    The First Traders in Chester’s New Market Have Been Announced

    The first twenty-two traders allocated stalls in the new Chester market, which is due…

    Feb 03
    Chester Zoo Conducting Pilot Study to Combat Deadly Virus in Young Elephants

    Chester Zoo is conducting the world’s first pilot study with a vaccine that aims…

    Feb 03
    Free Chester Zoo Visits For 30,000 Children

    Once again Chester Zoo is donating tickets for children of all ages to visit the zoo.…