Three Unique Ways to Tour Chester

From its places of historic significance to its areas of natural beauty and exciting restaurant scene, touring Chester is an adventure unlike any other. However, those visiting the city who seek a truly original perspective have many options ready and waiting. Read on for three intriguing options to explore the city.

1. ChesterBoat

The River Dee runs through Chester, offering travellers a chance to take in the city from the water. Family-owned company ChesterBoat has been welcoming guests onboard its vessels for over 40 years and offers leisurely cruises accompanied by informative sightseeing commentary. For those looking to take in Chester’s scenic views while learning more about its iconic features, touring by water is worth considering.

2. Roman Tours

Once the biggest Roman fortress in Britain, Chester’s history attracts visitors from far and wide who are keen to step back in time. Roman Tours takes this concept a step further with guided excursions led by experts. Clad in authentic uniforms, they emulate the garb worn by legionary soldiers 2,000 years ago when the city was better known as Deva. Offering an immersive and interactive experience, these tours allow Chester visitors to grasp what life was like long ago for those who called the city home.

3. Treasure Hunt Chester

From hidden bars to chic restaurants, Chester has many hidden jewels that aren’t easily found on the tourist trail. An interactive game played via your smartphone, Treasure Hunt Chester takes players on an intriguing tour of the city while cracking clues and stopping off at unforgettable venues.

Next time you’re in Chester, try one or all these options to see the city in a new light.

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