Top Chester Listings of 2023

What are visitors looking for on

What were visitors looking for on during 2023?

As 2023 comes to an end and a new year begins, we welcome an influx of data from that showcases the performance of listings on the website throughout the course of the year.

The data from the previous year highlights the successes that achieved throughout 2023, from the searches that brought the most visitors to the website to the pages that received the most attention.

In this article, we will explore the most popular business listings on In doing so, we hope that we can showcase the potential that awaits local businesses interested in listing an advertisement with us on

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We’re paying close attention to the performance of business listings on the website between January 1 and December 31 2023. This is to ensure that our users are being presented with the information they’re looking for and that our advertisers are given the best opportunity to showcase their services on our platform.

We can see which listings received the most visits, what kind of listings were the most popular, and how many clicks each listing received through to the client’s own website.

By looking at the data collected from throughout 2023, we can see that the search term that attracted the most attention to from Google in 2023 was ‘Chester Races’, with 367,835 impressions, followed by ‘Blue Planet Aquarium’ with 261,904 impressions and ‘Crocky Trail’ with 251,913.

When we compare this to the business listings on that received the most visitors throughout the year, we can see that users on the website were looking for something else entirely, with restaurants, events and tourist attractions receiving the most attention.

By analysing this data, we can identify what is bringing people to the website, but more importantly, what they’re most interested in. This allows us to make sure that the website’s content corresponds with the users’ searches. We can then determine whether your business listing will receive the success it deserves when listed on

From mouth-watering restaurants to popular tourist attractions, local events and museums, this data shows us exactly what our visitors are searching for. We’ve compiled this information into a handy guide to show prospective advertisers the kinds of results they may expect when listing with us.

So, without further ado, let us reveal the top business listings on for 2023 and dazzle you with some impressive data!

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Between January 1 and December 31 2023, business listings on received a total of 500,660 views. To put those numbers into perspective, business listings on received more views annually than the population of Chester. In fact, business listings on our website received five times the population of our incredible city.

Just 38,657 of the 500,600 views came from users in Chester. Over 92% of views on listings on in 2023 came from visitors. This demonstrates the exposure that can give to your business, putting you in front of an audience that may not otherwise know you exist. That’s a wealth of untapped potential!

A staggering number of views, this generated a total of 164,996 clicks from through to the client’s own site. If we work this out, that’s a click through rate of 32.96%. That is a lot of potential business for our clients!

What was the most popular type of listing on

The most popular listing on throughout 2023 was for a local restaurant. This listing received 5,187 views in total throughout the year. 

Restaurant listings were the most popular type of listing on in 2023, with the top 10 restaurant listings receiving a total of 35,583 views between January 1 and December 31 2023. That’s a lot of hungry Cestrians!

These restaurant listings typically include a gallery of high-quality photos in addition to a brief description of the restaurant that includes details about the food and the seating arrangements.

There’s also the option to include an interactive carousel advertising offers that the listing promotes. The listing for this restaurant includes a carousel of daily meal offers. When a user clicks the offer, they’re directed to a new page detailing the terms of this offer.

Each listing features clickable icons with links directing users to the client’s website to reserve a table or browse the menu. Along with a link to Google Maps that provides directions to restaurant, there is an option to share the listing information on social media.

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We’re able to track the clicks on the buttons on our website to determine their conversion rate. If we look at the data for this Chester restaurant listing, we can see that the ‘Menu’ button received 1,572 clicks throughout 2023, the ‘Book Now’ button received 225 clicks and the ‘Website’ button received 224 clicks through to the website.

A similar listing with significant attention was relating to an event in Chester, receiving 4,516 views in total throughout the year. This event listing had a click through rate of 69%, meaning that out of the 4,516 people that viewed the listing on our website, nearly three quarters of viewers were directed onto the client’s own website.

Another type of listing, promoting a café in Chester, received 3,442 views throughout the year. With this café only recently opening its doors, the marketing speaks for itself.

People weren’t just looking for food and fun in 2023, as a listing for a local business received 3,339 views and almost half as many clicks through to their own website. Visitors to were also searching for shopping opportunities and tourist attractions, as a listing advertising a shop in Chester received 2,392 views whilst a tourist attraction listing received 2,022 views.


These fantastic numbers showcase the significant levels of traffic that local business listings advertising their services on receive. With so much variation in the listings, it’s clear that is a hub for all things local, attracting visitors looking for services, attractions, amenities, and experiences, right here in our historic city.

By collaborating with us, local advertisers have access to a goldmine of opportunity. With views of business listings up by 131% and users across the site up by 176% compared to 2022, who knows what kind of success we might be looking at this time next year?

Interested in listing your local business with Reach out to our helpful team on 01244 400 007 or email [email protected]. For more information, visit our List Your Business page here and see what we can do to help your Chester business succeed.

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