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Chester has a whole range of flying experiences  

Take your pick from our choice of all the top flying experiences in and around Chester below or discover your absolute favourite way to take flight by clicking ‘Find My Perfect Flying Experience’ to filter by your additional personal preferences. 

Taking flight in is a wonderful thing to do and can mean something different for everyone as there are so many really amazing options on offer with an airport in nearby Hawarden (less than 20 minutes away) you can enjoy real life flying experiences and take flying lessons in aircrafts and helicopters and even state of the art flight simulators that feel like the real thing and can even cure your fear of flying!

When choosing your flying days out and activities in and around Chester you can find a huge diversity of alternative flight experiences such as drone flying, hot air ballooning, helicopter rides, microlighting, hand gliding and paragliding so you can take to the skies in whichever way feels most exciting to you and you can even enjoy bird of prey flight experiences!

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Hovercrafting experiences near Chester

A cross between flying, driving and sailing hovercrafting is one of the most unusual and exciting ‘flying’ experiences you can have near Chester!

Flying lessons and pilot experiences near Chester 

You can learn to fly in lots of different kinds of light aircrafts and helicopters near Chester – a unique experience you will never forget!


Flight simulator experiences in and nearby Chester

You can experience the art of flying large aircraft and helicopters from the captain’s seat of a real flight-deck without leaving the ground in Chester’s completely authentic flight simulation experiences in real aircrafts


Drone flying experiences near Chester

Learn to fly drones and take the most exquisite drone photography and video footage with world class drone training experiences

Helicopter rides near Chester

Get the best views of the beautiful Cheshire plains by taking an exciting ride in a helicopter

Hot air balloon rides near Chester

Enjoy taking to the skies in style with a hot air balloon ride with the most fantastic views across to the Welsh Mountains, over the Cheshire plains up to Liverpool and the Wirral, and down into the stunning Shropshire Hills.

Skydiving and tandem skydiving near Chester

Feel the exhilaration of the ultimate freefall flying experience of skydiving and parachuting near Chester 

Paragliding and hang gliding experiences near Chester 

Take flight gliding on the air currents with the most magical paragliding and hand gliding experiences around Chester

Microlight experiences near Chester

When it comes to light aircraft flying a microlight is one of the most incredible flight experiences you can have 

Bird of prey and falconry experiences near Chester

‘Fly’ birds of prey and feel the immense power and total magnificence of bird of prey experiences as they take flight from and land on your arm!

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