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Chester has a very high standard of food and drink establishments offering an opportunity to really immerse your taste buds in the magnificent array of totally delicious things to do as your way to experience the city.

Your chosen experience days could include afternoon teas bottomless brunch, cocktail masterclasses, brewery tours, beer tasting, gin tasting, wine tasting, whisky tasting and food tasting (or a bit of both), event hospitality, food and drink festivals and events, cookery classes, private dining and more – Chester has it all!

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Afternoon tea experiences in Chester

From the classic afternoon tea to ones with bubbles and ones just for the gents Chester has the best afternoon tea experiences you could find

Brunch experiences in Chester

Feeling a little 11 O’Clock ish? Chester has the best brunch menus and bottomless brunch experiences for you to enjoy!

Cocktail masterclass experiences in Chester

Learn how to make your favourite cocktails and ones you might have never heard of with the best mixologists in Chester’s cocktail masterclasses

Brewery tour experiences in Chester

From micro-breweries right in the centre of the city to full scale brewery tours and tasting sessions Chester is most definitely a city for beer lovers

Beer tasting experiences in Chester

Craft beer and real ale fans have such options in Chester including some of the best beer tasting experiences around


Gin tasting experiences in Chester

One of the most in demand experiences these days is gin tasting and the city has more than it’s share of experts on hand to talk you through the delicate flavours


Gin distillery tours in and nearby Chester

Get the full immersive experience on a tour of a working gin distillery and take in the beautifully pleasing aesthetics of magnificent copper works of art distilling incredible botanicals for your tasting experiences

Wine tasting experiences in Chester 

Complete with medieval wine cellars and some of the best wine experts you can find Chester’s wine tasting experiences can’t be beaten

Whisky tasting experiences in Chester

If you fancy a wee dram whilst visiting Chester you will appreciate the excellent whisky tasting experiences on offer

Food tasting experiences in Chester

Indulge in Chester’s exquisite food tasting experiences 

Food and drink festivals and events in Chester

Chester food and drink festivals and events have put the city on the foodie map and an experience all visitors should make the most of 

Event hospitality experiences in Chester

Chester’s best events are coupled with the best event hospitality experiences you can find for you to really maximise your enjoyment

Private dining experiences in Chester

Find all the best places you can enjoy private dining experiences in Chester

Chester food and drink gift experiences

Give the gift of time well spent doing super fun activities and making memories together! Chester has gift experiences options to delight all your friends and family

Chester food and drink gift vouchers 

Gift vouchers for food and drink places to eat and drink are a great gift that everybody loves so they can choose their own experience

Best food and drink experiences in Chester

Pick your favourite Chester food and drink experience 

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