What to Expect on a Medieval Tour of Chester

For many visiting Chester, the main draw is its exciting history. From the Grosvenor Museum to its many Roman relics, treasures from the past are ready to explore within the city. For history buffs looking to travel back in time, Chester operators can offer unique opportunities.

Chester Medieval Tours allows visitors to zero in on city life in 1403 when England was ruled by Henry IV. At the time, the King was threatened by the rebel alliance of Henry ‘Hotspur’ Percy, the Earl of Douglas, and Owain Glyndwr. Read on to find out what’s involved on a medieval tour of Chester.

An immersive experience

These guided walks around Chester are led by experts authentically dressed as soldiers from the period. Sharing their knowledge, soldiers highlight significant events that took place in medieval Chester and explain the reasons that led to Hotspur’s rebellion against the King. Guests of the tour will also learn about a soldier’s life in the city with a strong focus on the skilled and famous Cheshire longbowmen who were once royal bodyguards.

Sights to see in the city

The tour takes in many famous parts of the city. These include Chester’s renowned medieval rows, Chester walls and St. John’s, Chester’s first cathedral. The tour ends by the River Dee with views over to Handbridge. Here, those taking part will learn about the dramatic conclusion of the Battle of Shrewsbury rebellion and how it impacted the people of Chester.

Both private and public tours begin at the Chester Tourist Information Centre.

A fully immersive Roman Tour is also available.

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