Three Chester Adventures for Animal Fans

The Chester area has an abundance of activities and entertainment for all tastes, but for animal lovers it offers some rare treats. Today, we’ll look at three unmissable opportunities in and around the city for visitors keen to see creatures great and small.

Chester Zoo

Home to over 21,000 exotic and endangered animals, Chester Zoo is based in 125 acres of botanical gardens and is the obvious starting point for wildlife lovers. This award-winning zoo is committed to conservation and provides the pinnacle of animal care for its charges. It campaigns for protected species around the world and is dedicated to engaging with visitors to raise awareness of the natural world. For those who wish to see and learn about animals, a Chester Zoo trip is an absolute must.

The Blue Planet Aquarium

The premier aquarium of the North West, this Ellesmere Port attraction has one of the largest collections of sharks in Europe and one of the world’s longest underwater viewing tunnels. Not just home to clownfish, anemones, regal tangs, rays and seahorses, it also has reptiles, poisonous amphibians and venomous insects to see. For then brave of heart, there is even a “Swimming with Sharks” experience.

Chester Racecourse

The oldest active racecourse in both England and the world, Chester Racecourse dates back to 1539. For fans of horses and horsemanship, it offers an exciting experience to see these majestic racing animals in action. Along with annual fixtures, the racecourse also provides a base for the Chester Polo Club, which holds two tournaments per season.

Explore Chester today for your next animal expedition.

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