Enjoy Strawberry Ice Cream Day in Chester

Popular in the United States, January 15 is officially Strawberry Ice Cream Day. However, you don’t need to live in the other side of the Atlantic to celebrate a frozen strawberry treat.

Those around the northwest of England seeking to honour the occasion will find the perfect venue in Cheshire. At The Ice Cream Farm in Tattenhall, there are more than 50 different flavours of ice cream available, including strawberry.

The considerate ice cream experts at the attraction also offer strawberry ice cream designed for those who are vegans. So, whether that’s your usual dietary choice or you’re trying something new for Veganuary, you can enjoy a strawberry cone or scoop at the farm.

While all flavours of ice cream are appreciated in the US on the third Sunday of July by decree of past president Ronald Reagan, the 15th honours strawberry alone. However, the fruity flavour also has a presidential connection. Back in 1813, at the second inauguration of America’s fourth president, James Madison, guests were served strawberry ice cream.

It’s a given that the best way to appreciate Strawberry Ice Cream Day is with friends or family and the Chester Ice Cream Farm caters for a wide range of different plans. Packed with child-friendly rides and activities, along with the world’s largest ice cream parlour, it makes an ideal outing for the families seeking to celebrate the Day. However, for those who wish to host a party at home, the farm also offers an order-and-collect service that allows you to select your perfect pick-up time.

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