How to Celebrate Veganuary in Chester

Since 2014, the crowdfunded campaign Veganuary has been challenging UK citizens to adopt a vegan lifestyle for the first month of the year. Founded by Matthew Glover and Jane Land, the event has earned increasing support over the years, with even leading British supermarkets releasing new vegan products in January.

In 2020, 400,000 people took part, with their collective choice representing the equivalent of over a million animal lives and the carbon dioxide emissions of 45,000 airline flights. After signing up online, participants receive a starter kit packed with recipes, product directories and restaurants they can try out.

While eating vegan at home is simple, finding a restaurant serving just vegan cuisine isn’t always easy. Vegan dishes are included on most menus in modern cities like Chester, but the range of choice may be limited to a few dishes.

Fortunately, those looking to dine out over Veganuary in Chester will find the city is home to Shrub, a 100% plant-based restaurant. Serving high-quality food and drink within a modern setting, the restaurant uses no animal products and is committed to sustainability and climate positive initiatives.

It serves an extensive range of dishes, from Szechuan spiced fries and kimchi burgers, to red Thai curries and pumpkin tortellini. For drinks, it has lagers and pilsner on tap, highballs, cocktails and an extensive wine list. For those looking for a winter warm-up it also offers mulled wine, spiced hot cider and the Shrub Irish Coffee.

Shrub can be found on 1-3 Eastgate Row.

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