Why Celebrate National Linguine Day in Chester?

Often mistaken for spaghetti, linguine is recognised as one of the oldest types of pasta on the planet. Its name translated from Italian means “little tongues” after its slender shape. A delicate, elliptical noodle, linguine is made traditionally from durum semolina flour and was created over 400 years ago.

Fast forward to today, and this delicious pasta is honoured once a year, with September 15th being National Linguine Day. What better place in the UK to celebrate this than Chester?

The historic Roman city has an abundance of options when it comes to Italian food including Moules a Go-Go (where the picture accompanying this article comes from), Carbonara, Made in Italy and Urbano32. When it comes to a wealth of linguine dishes, La Fattoria on Lower Bridge Street has much to offer too.

Due to its delicate design, linguine is typically paired with lighter and thinner sauces to avoid breakage, but it is served with a diverse range of ingredients making it an exceptionally versatile pasta. The master chefs at La Fattoria understand this well and have crafted a menu that features eight different linguine options.

Linguine Puttanesca features anchovies, garlic, black olives, and capers in a tomato sauce, while Linguine Siciliana sauce is infused with aubergines, onion, garlic and basil with a splash of cream. Those seeking a seafood experience can select Linguine Con Cozze E Vongole to enjoy clams and mussels in olive oil with their pasta, or Linguine Gamberi E Rucola packed with king prawns. However, simple dishes are also offered, like classic Linguine al Pesto made from scratch.

Try linguine in Chester this September and pay tribute to this venerable pasta with a plateful.

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