Make the Most of Ice Cream Day this Sunday

You might not be aware, but there are days dedicated to different flavours of ice cream including favourites like vanilla and chocolate. However, National Ice Cream Day celebrates all options available for the frozen dessert and takes place each year on July 16.

The ice cream-themed holiday came to being following an official proclamation issued in 1984 by then President Ronald Reagan. At that time, the plan was for a single holiday that would only be celebrated but once. Understandably, the ice cream industry decided that the tradition should continue to further sales and it has been upheld each year ever since. Along with observing National Ice Cream Day, the Presidential proclamation also defined July as the official month for ice cream – another tradition that continues today.

Residents and visitors in Chester will find that the location makes the ideal destination for celebrating National Ice Cream Day. Chester is home to the record-breaking Ice Cream Farm, which has the distinction of having the largest ice cream parlour on the planet. At more than 1,000 square feet in size, it offers plenty of places for people from around the county and beyond to try the tantalising chilly treats on offer.

Guests can also enjoy the Ice Cream Drive Thru,  where visitors can enjoy scenic lake views in their car as their ice cream is delivered to them.

The Chester attraction offer over 50 different ice cream flavours, including classics like chocolate and rum and raisin, but also adventurous options from the master manufacturers including white chocolate, raspberry and Oreo cookie, popping candy, apple and sour cherry, and donut.

To celebrate National Ice Cream Day, you can enjoy 20% off at The Ice Cream Drive In. Use code TDI20 when paying for your order at an Ice Cream Drive In location point until Friday 21 July.

The Ice Cream Farm can be found on Newton Lane in Tattenhall, Chester.

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