Explore World Wars in Chester

While the Cheshire Military Museum in Chester has items of antiquity that date to the 17th century, those interested in discovering more about WW1 and WW2 and how the people of Cheshire participated in them will find it has much to offer.

One of the museum’s most prominent exhibits is a recreation of a typical WW1 trench from the Western Front. The eight foot trench allows visitors to peer at “no man’s land” through the periscope; a Maxim gun can be viewed mounted on its dedicated carriage.

Display cases can also be viewed which contain captured weapons and personal items from the Great War, as well as an area specifically for remembrance.

The WW2 exhibit focuses on the Cheshire Yeomanry who served in the Middle East on horseback, and the Cavalry Division that became involved in taking over Vichy French possessions in the Lebanon and Syria. However, in 1938, six battalions from the Cheshire Regiment trained as machine gun specialists and Chester Castle was used as a dedicated training centre teaching troops to handle the new weapon.

As a result, those visiting the museum can see a Vickers water-cooled 7.7 mm medium machine gun on display. There is also a display of signals equipment and rifles from WW2.

Unique to the Cheshire Military Museum is a pen that was used when the Japanese surrendered on the USS Missouri back in 1945.

The Cheshire Military Museum is located at the Castle in Chester and is open from 11 am until 4 pm Thursday to Sunday.

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