Unmissable Activities in Grosvenor Park

Grosvenor Park in Chester is an award-winning park in Chester that dates to 1862. Covering 20 acres, it is the city’s main ornamental park and is exceptionally popular with visitors and residents alike. Overlooking the River Dee, it is based just beyond the city walls and offers a wide range of attractions. Read on for three activities you can enjoy that take place in the park.

Explore esteemed features

The park is home to several newly introduced and fully restored Grade II listed features. All year round, you can explore places and objects of interest including Billy Hobby’s Well Community Garden, the statue of the Second Marquess of Westminster, the Quarry Garden and St Mary’s Nunnery Arch and add local colour to your Instagram feed.

Ride the rails and play

For days out with little ones, the park’s miniature railways are an ideal option. Children can enjoy fun-packed train trip over weekends in December to January with rides taking place between 11 am and 4 pm over the winter months. There is also a play area designed by Andrew Small, a local artist who created it with a selection of natural materials.

Enjoy great plays

Each year, the team from Chester’s Storyhouse bring performances to the park through the Grosvenor Park Open Theatre. As a result, the sounds of picnics being unpacked and popping corks accompanied by great acting are now synonymous with this celebrated Chester location.

Make sure you make the most of your time in Chester and spend at least a day enjoying Grosvenor Park.

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