Vital Environmental Message Delivered in Song by Thousands of Schoolchildren

Chester Zoo conservation experts have been involved in helping with the specially created song which has been delivered by thousands of schoolchildren worldwide who are hoping to spread the environmental message far and wide. Find out more from Chester Zoo here …


Thousands of schoolchildren unite in song to highlight vital environmental message

More than 13,000 schoolchildren from all around the world have joined together in song to help spread a vital message about the environmental issues affecting the planet.

Conservation education experts from Chester Zoo inspired the specially written song, which has been created to raise awareness about sustainability and how reusing, recycling and reducing resources we use every day can impact the natural world.

The 200 schools involved – from the UK, Europe, China, Egypt and Dubai – all joined forces to give a special online performance of the song, live to a global online audience via Zoom.

The global event was conducted by AmaSing Arts, a charity that helps develop the wellbeing, confidence and self-esteem of children through the arts. AmaSing has been working with conservationists at the zoo for several years to help inspire young people to protect the world around them.

chester zoo children unite to deliver environmental message in song

Anya Moon, Conservation Education and Engagement Manager at Chester Zoo, said:

Educating young people on the importance of sustainability is absolutely crucial. By teaching the younger generation how the resources we use every day, like water, wood, plastic and electricity impacts our environment, they’ll then go on to help shape a better future for our planet.

“We all have a part to play in making the world a better place and the climate crisis is directly linked to sustainability. For young people to be aware, educated and well informed about these topics empowers them to make a positive difference and contribute to a more sustainable future. 

“Drumming up more awareness and understanding around sustainability is a key focus for Chester Zoo. Everything we use on a day to day basis comes from somewhere, and there will be a cost to the environment to create it – whether that’s from air or water pollution, wildlife and habitat loss, or adding to the great garbage patch in the ocean. Around two million pieces of litter are dropped in the UK every day, and to put this into perspective, it takes 450 years for a plastic bottle to decompose in the ocean. If we don’t live sustainably it won’t just be the animals and plants that suffer, but our own species, too.”

Pupils from 24 schools, alongside composer and Musical Director at AmaSing, Andrew Smith, joined experts from Chester Zoo online to hear about important environmental issues and the impact that waste is having on the planet. Topics including deforestation, reusing unwanted items and ways to dispose of everyday items, inspired the lyrics to the song.

A dance routine, choreographed by House of Dance, a Chester-based performing arts school was then matched with the music.

Rachael Borman, Director at AmaSing, added: 

“We want to empower children to become good global citizens by inspiring them through song and dance. By giving them the opportunity to share their ideas for the lyrics, they really understood the importance of living sustainably to help protect the planet.

“Chester Zoo’s sustainability message and ethos fitted perfectly with our ‘connect’ theme which is all about connecting people all over the world. Through the arts, they’re encouraged to talk about how they’re feeling about the world they’re living in and what changes they’d like to make for the future.

“We’ve had wonderful feedback from teachers telling us how much the kids enjoyed it, and lots have said they’ll continue the sustainability theme throughout their curriculum, too. Taking part in these online singing and dancing sessions gives children the chance connect at a time when we’ve been kept apart for so long. It was really magical to see thousands of people from all corners of the world connected through music and we’re grateful to Deva Group Recruitment for sponsoring the event and Lumisi for creating our music video.”

The sustainability song is one of 14 that will form an AmaSing online show in July 2021, which hopes to be in theatres in 2022.

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