Animals at Chester Zoo Get in Halloween Spirit

Chester Zoo keepers have been using imaginative ways to get their animals in Halloween mood and you can find out more about all the pumpkin antics from Chester Zoo here …


Creatures of all shapes and sizes enjoy a pumpkin party at Chester Zoo.

From the impressive sun bear to the tiniest weaver ants, animals across the zoo tucked into their Halloween treats this week.

chester zoo sun bear milli tucks into a tasty fruit filled pumpkin at chester zoo (2)

Keepers found imaginative ways to get the animals under their care into the Halloween spirit. Carved pumpkins were drenched in fish blood to peak the Komodo dragon’s interest; holes were cut for the Boelen’s pythons to slither through and some were filled with tasty fruit snacks for the sun bears and lemurs to enjoy.

Conservationists at the zoo say providing food in an unusual and interesting way is great enrichment for the animals, giving them the opportunity to forage for food in an exciting new way.

Keep an eye on Chester Zoo’s social media for more Halloween animal antics!


chester zoo highly endangered red ruffed lemurs dig in to their halloween snacks at chester zoo (2)                                           chester zoo a giant brazilian salmon pink tarantula crawls across a pumpkin at chester zoo (3)                                            chester zoo a boelen's python slithers through a carved pumpkin at chester zoo (2)

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