Three Ways to Appreciate the Dee in Chester

Flowing through North Wales and Cheshire, the river Dee is over 100 km in length and part of its course is accessible in the city of Chester. This allows people with a wide range of interests to enjoy both its natural beauty and the opportunities for waterborne adventures. Whether you’re a resident or a guest of Chester, read on for three river choices to consider.

Scenic Dee tours

If you’d like to explore Chester and its rich history from the water, Dee tours are readily available. ChesterBoat is a family-run company providing long and short cruises up and down the river offering scenic city views. Operating for more than 40 years, the firm’s knowledgeable crew have plenty of Chester tales to tell and travel out as far as the Duke of Westminster’s famous Eaton Estate.

Kayaking on the Dee

Supplying specialist instruction, Dee River Kayaking takes participants on guided tours designed for kayakers of all abilities. Intrepid guests of the river can gently paddle up through Chester where the Dee flows past its historic Roman walls that date to the 1st century, or travel upstream for more action where the Dee cascades amid white rapids to the valley below.

Food with a view

If you’d prefer to stay a little away from the water itself, Hickory’s Smokehouse offers beautiful local views of the river, but with uniquely American flavours. With a range of classic smokehouse options for brunch, lunch or dinner, Hickory’s is a gorgeous option if you want to enjoy a meal by the banks of the Dee.

Whatever pace you seek for your Dee excursion, the wealth of river experts in Chester can cover it.

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