What Roman Tours in Chester Offer

Chester is a city renowned for its Roman origins. As a result, companies offering guided tours around its renowned landmarks are never in short supply. However, for a unique and authentic experience, the award-winning Chester-based firm Roman Tours is dedicated to giving guests a glimpse into real life in Roman Britain.

Historical tours

Roman Tours provides in-depth experiences packed with historical facts. Led by legionary guides, tour participants can delve into the story of Britain’s biggest Roman fortress, the 2,000-year-old Deva Victrix, based in Chester. Informed legionaries take guests to key locations to explore the drama and action of life in Rome’s army based on up-to-date research from military experts.

Full-time Romans

The tour company is renowned for providing the UK’s only professional Romans working full-time all year round. Regardless of what the British climate throws at them, Roman Tour’s standing army of legionary guides dress in armour, equipment and clothing that is historically accurate. Along with their garments and gear, the guides of Roman Tours ensure that their knowledge of Romans in Britain remains constantly updated as archaeologists uncover new information on the era.

Authentic recreations

Named after Deva Victrix, Roman Tours also has a dedicated display team that performs detailed re-enactments of military manoeuvres and gladiatorial battles that illustrate how well the Roman war machine worked and what life was like in camp and on the march for soldiers.

The next time you visit Chester, be sure to explore its rich Roman history through its numerous features of historical significance.

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