Escape in Chester in 2023

As a new year begins, many Britons are trying to stick to their resolutions, but for those seeking a real challenge, Escapism Chester offers a unique opportunity.

Fans of conundrums and code cracking are well served by this premium escape room experience, which takes the medium to a whole new level.

From employing cutting-edge effects like haze machines to providing the most mindbending puzzles Escapism Chester has much to offer with six different rooms to select from. Exceptionally flexible, many of these rooms can be modified to suit younger participants. There are also rooms especially designed with disabled access, although a team must have at least one team member without limited mobility.

Once locked in their room of choice, teams will have 60 minutes to escape. They must work together to hunt for clues, solve puzzles, and crack codes to earn their freedom. Those who escape swiftly can find themselves featured in the Escapism Chester Hall of Fame.

Each room is themed uniquely with its own backstory, ranging from museum heists to claim precious artefacts and replace them with imitations to recovering hidden wealth from grizzly graveyards before the crypt keeper comes. Other scenarios involve retrieving antidotes from radioactive labs and rescuing kidnapped friends.

A favourite for hen nights and stag dos, these games are ideal for family, friends or even colleagues from work learning new team building skills, and rooms can be adjusted to suit younger players.

Escapism Chester can be found at 1, Fountains on St George Street in Chester.

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