Escape in Chester this Christmas

Breakout Chester is an exciting and immersive live escape room centre. An entirely unique activity – it is ideal for families, friends, work teams and dates, designed for two-to-five people.

Those taking part will find themselves locked in a room with only 60 minutes to get free. To make their escape, teams must search for useful items and solve puzzles and riddles.

There are nine different rooms to try out, each with their own specific theme and difficulty rating. However, for the festive season, Breakout Chester has created two different Christmas-style rooms for those looking for a unique seasonal challenge.

A Crimson Christmas sees teams take on the role of Christmas spirits in the home of Ebenezer Scrooge. While the Dickensian miser is out, it’s up to players to crack cryptic souvenirs and take back stolen Christmas presents as they escape the room.

Christmas Chaos is the second adventure game. With Santa Claus nowhere to be found, Christmas cheer has reached an all-time low. Players take the role of local saviours seeking a world-famous detective to find out what happened to the big man in the red suit. However, they end up beginning their own investigation to solve the case instead. Players must find Santa and help him track down his letters to save Christmas.

Those getting together with friends for the holidays or arranging a Christmas work bash who are looking for a new way to celebrate the season can book a game online.

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