UK Comedian Brings History to Chester

Storyhouse in Chester has announced that it will be opening its doors to the multi-talented David Mitchell this October.

The popular comedian, actor and author is a familiar face on television, but will now be taking to the stage with a show about the most powerful rulers of England, entitled ‘Unruly’. Combining historic facts with side-splitting humour, the show will run for 75 minutes and has no interval.

In Unruly, Mitchell will explore how England’s early monarchs acted as feared rulers, who guided the destinies of their subjects with a firm hand. He will also detail how these monarchs, whose portraits still adorn gallery and castle walls across the country, were just as weird and silly behind closed doors as people are today.

Not all monarchs discussed are set in reality, however, with the show starting in pre-Roman England with the mythical King Arthur. Mitchell will take audiences on a tour of England’s monarchy, right up until Elizabeth I’s reign.

The BAFTA Award winner, known for programmes like ‘That Mitchell and Webb Look’ and ‘Peep Show’, Mitchell is also known for his appearances on comedy panel game shows, and books like ‘Thinking About It Only Makes It Worse’ and ‘Dishonesty is the Second-Best Policy’.

Mitchell’s ‘Unruly’ show will be on stage at Storyhouse on Sunday, October 8. The venue is located on Hunter Street in Chester, and the show will begin at 7pm.

Storyhouse members can enjoy discounted tickets to the show at £32.85 per person, while standard admission will be at £36.50. All tickets will come inclusive of a David Mitchel book.

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