Car Enthusiasts Delighted as Cars & Coffee Returns at New Venue

Cheshire car enthusiasts can once again enjoy a Sunday morning amongst fellow car lovers as Cars & Coffee make a welcome return at their new venue Chester Lakes.  Find out more from Cars & Coffee here …

After a wait of over 18 months, Cars & Coffee Cheshire have finally announced their return to the motoring scene in Chester.

The idea of car owners meeting on a weekend morning originally started as a small, meet at Crystal Cove on the coast of Southern California. In 2015, a couple of Chester residents; Lisa Binfield and Dave Brown decided it was time for the city to have their very own ‘cars & coffee’ meet-up.

With the original founder Dave who is no stranger to the car industry still on-board and raring to go, Cars & Cheshire is looking forward to a fresh start at a new venue. Chester-bred Dee 106.3 broadcaster Nick Arkell along with long-time supporter and attendee Neil complete the team. They are ready to bring drivers and riders together once again to show-off and discuss anything with wheels over a coffee and breakfast bap!

After continued growth in 2019, they leave their previous venue with a big thank you for the hospitality. “The next step in our journey lands us at Chester Lakes, a site that is not unfamiliar with the motoring community of Chester.” says Nick. “We were just as frustrated as others with not being able to meet up during 2020 but are all really excited to see where this leads now we are able to get out and see people again. We have always been a kind and safe community of enthusiasts and will continue to be just that.”

cars & coffee cheshire meet

Cars & Coffee Cheshire is not a car club so there is no membership fee and you do not have to drive a particular type of vehicle. There is no cost to attend either so the only money needed is to buy a coffee or two and some breakfast if you fancy it! “We certainly don’t judge either”, says Nick. “I have never turned up in an immaculate car because I spend too much time enjoying them on the roads!”

That said, all sorts of vehicles turn up. One of the most unusual was a Jaguar XJS-derived trike but you’re likely to see a combination of classics like the resident Fiat 500, supercars by Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and the rest, hot hatches, pick-up trucks, scooters, motorcycles and everything in-between. Cars & Coffee Cheshire have always been dedicated to staying local and supporting businesses in the Chester area too. With that in mind, some brilliant new partners will be coming on-board with offers for guests.

cars and coffee event

While the world continues to deal with this pandemic, the meet will be ticketed. It is free of course via simple registration process and there so that attendance figures can be monitored and guests kept safe. “We have always had our communities safety and well-being at the core of everything we do”  said Dave, the founder of Cars & Coffee Cheshire.

More information on dates, venue and the rest can be found at or the official Facebook page –

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