It’s Another First For Cheshire – The World’s First Ice Cream Drive In!

Who doesn’t love ice cream? We now have something else to celebrate with the arrival of the world’s first Ice Cream Drive-In and thankfully it’s on our doorstep! Find out more from The Ice Cream Farm here …


The World’s First Ice Cream Drive In … Right Here in Cheshire!

Cheshire’s award-winning family day out, The Ice Cream Farm, is delighted to re-launch the world’s first Ice Cream Drive In for the summer. 

Featuring a new ordering system and updates to its environment, The Ice Cream Drive In has had a fresh new look in time for customers to make the most of the good weather and pull up for a scoop of award-winning Cheshire Farm Ice Cream.

Born out of the Covid era when The Ice Cream Farm had to temporarily close its doors, the team worked hard over the past year to make The Ice Cream Drive In an attraction in its own right.

This has included a simple new ordering system where customers scan a QR code. And the landscaping of a manmade lake surrounded by banks of wild flowers to provide an attractive viewing spot.

Separate to the family play park it offers visitors a place to park up and order an ice cream, hot drink or pudding without having to leave their car. Their order is then delivered by golf buggy.

“Like many businesses The Ice Cream Farm was required to make some changes following the pandemic,” said CEO Jonathan Fell. “We were challenged with finding a way of introducing these changes while staying true to our belief that it should be up to the customer how much they spend.

“Through our dedication to ‘play’ we realised the ‘ice cream only’ customer had been somewhat neglected. The Drive In has been specifically designed for those customers; who may not want the full ‘play’ experience but still want to get out to the countryside to enjoy our award-winning ice cream… and with a few farm animals for company!”

When Covid restrictions meant The Ice Cream Farm couldn’t open, Mr Fell and his team put an alternative, contactless system in place so local people could still visit for a scoop of Cheshire Farm Ice Cream. During the strictest of lockdowns it became a popular way for nearby residents to leave home safely for a treat.

“Our Drive-Thru during the pandemic was hugely successful, giving us confidence to think outside the box. But we didn’t feel a ‘Drive Thru’ delivered anything like the experience we wanted to provide for our ice cream customers, never mind the risks involved with juggling ice creams while driving! Hence the world’s first Ice Cream Drive IN,” said Mr Fell.

“It’s taken a few months to iron out the creases, as it does with any new business. But we feel confident we’ve now created a space our customers, both old and new, will really enjoy all year round, and for many years to come. The Ice Cream Drive In is a destination for anyone seeking an affordable, wholesome escape from the day to day.”

the ice cream farm drive in

The Ice Cream Drive In is not just open to those who come by car. An area with deck chairs has been added so cyclists and walkers can use the service. As well as Cool Dog ice cream on the digital menu for canine visitors.

“The feedback we’ve had has been really good. Mature customers still nervous about Covid have been grateful for an experience that’s contact-free. Cyclists are enjoying a stop-off while travelling along the popular bicycle routes nearby. And we’ve even had couples come on first dates,” added Mr Fell.

“We don’t sell happiness, but we do sell ice cream… which is pretty much the same thing!”

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