An open letter from Kingdom Thenga, Proprietor of The Suburbs

We would like to bring to your attention this letter from Kingdom Thenga, Proprietor of The Suburbs, Hoole.

It is independent businesses like The Suburbs, that make Chester the special city that we all love.


An Open Letter from Kingdom Thenga – Proprietor – The Suburbs, Hoole


To our fantastic guests!

I write with a heavy heart to inform you that due to a planning anomaly, we are now required to close at 11.00pm. This closing time will remain until further notice.

Although our licence allows us to serve alcohol well beyond 11.00 pm, we recently became aware that the times on the planning permission were never altered to reflect those of the liquor licence. Why this has surfaced after a great 5 years of music, merriment and memories, we can only speculate. But suffice to say it has come as a real hammer blow to the whole team.

From a business point of view, being told to shut at 11 pm jeopardises our long term viability since so many people view us as a late-night venue. So we hope you guys can come visit us a little earlier over the next few months.

The Suburbs is a shining light in Chester. We are immensely proud of our many awards and the contribution we have made to the burgeoning reputation of Hoole. We are also very proud of all our excellent team. We will continue to evolve and serve our many loyal guests & friends.

In order to show our thanks to you, we have put together a very special set of deals for the month of October: Every day, we’ll be giving you a whopping 50 % off your food bill between 15.00-19.00. We’re really proud of our menu and that use only local produce purchased from Hoole shops on it, and hope this gives you a great opportunity to get to know them and us better! We’ll of course be continuing our popular Thursday Steak Platter offer and our sublime Sunday roasts as usual.

Again, my apologies to have to report this but let me assure you we are working very hard with our solicitors and the authorities to bring about a satisfactory conclusion.

In the meantime, we’d really appreciate your support while we continue to fight the good fight. We look forward to seeing you a little earlier than usual.

Kindest regards



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