The rejuvenation of Chester Market will benefit us all.

A few years ago, Chester Market had begun to stagnate and was at risk of regression. While the mainstay traders such as The Cheese Wedge, Joinson’s Quality Meat and The Candy Emporium remained, the relocation of both the bus station and the city council offices from the Forum had a resounding impact on business, reducing foot traffic through the market drastically. The struggle to attract new customers to Chester Market was far too real and it was becoming increasingly difficult to see a chance for reinvigoration.

Fast forward to the present day and the market has gradually forged itself a fresh new identity. Upon first glance, it would be easy to assume nothing has changed; with no exterior alterations or expensive advertisement campaigns, the market has thrust itself back into the local conversation. What now lies in wait for those that venture into Chester Market is a spectacular array of places both new and old to eat, drink and shop, all of them independent. Partnered with even later closing times on a Friday night, it’s fast becoming a cultural and social hub, the perfect place to go for lunch, on the way home from work, or in the evening with friends.



There is a cacophony of food choices available to visitors, who can share their meals together in the central food court – whether it be handmade tacos, traditional Thai, oven-fired pizza or flavoursome chicken wings. There’s something for everyone; all affordable and authentic. A lot of the food vendors source their ingredients from the local traders inside the market, meaning they too have benefitted from this fantastic regeneration.

Jimmy, owner of ‘Death By Tacos’, an authentic Mexican eatery serving terrific tacos and margaritas, suggested that the relatively low rates available in the market allowed people with great ideas to step forward and create, which in turn has led to such a fantastic variety of eating options. Jimmy went on to explain that despite so many vendors competing for customers, there remains a strong community feel. This is translated into the friendly atmosphere that can be felt throughout the market by customers and traders alike.



With market dining on a sharp incline, places such as Altrincham Market and the Baltic Market in Liverpool have endured massive success and Chester’s latest project is already showing signs of such popularity. Although in its infancy, the market’s new look is an encouraging sign of what’s to come, as the planning for a new improved market moves forward with construction hopefully beginning as early as 2020.The rejuvenation of Chester Market will benefit us all.


The Market is open 8am – 5am Monday to Saturday, except on Friday when it’s open until 9pm, allowing visitors to enjoy food and drink from places such as That Beer Place, Jeffro’s Wingz an Tingz, Peak Sandwiches and many more.


Chester market is the perfect alternative choice, for dining and shopping and is now dog-friendly, allowing visitors to bring along their furry four legged friends! To learn more about each trader visit

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