Where to Find Pizza Perfection in Chester

Visitors to Chester soon find that the city has a thriving food scene, but one area it really excels in is pizza. A vast array of dine-in and takeaway options exist making it simple to pick up popular pies like classic margheritas. However, for adventurous eaters after a unique pizza experience, Chester is the perfect place to visit.

Oak & Smoke Pizza

Situated on Chester Road beyond the city limits, Oak & Smoke Pizza makes exotic pizzas in its wood-fired oven. Using a mozzarella cheddar blend and homemade San Marino tomato sauce, pizzas are cooked with real fire to mouth-watering effect.

However, it is the inventive toppings designed to expand diner’s horizons that truly shine. The “Hoisin Hog” features pulled pork drizzled with sauce and finished with cucumber, spring onion and sesame seeds, while the “Cheeky Tikka” boasts spiced chicken, onion bhaji, micro fine coriander and a mango chutney drizzle.


Based on Bridge Street, Urbano32 is a pizza restaurant and bar. At the heart of this welcoming venue is a handmade clay pizza oven where chefs prepare exceptional pies with clever titles.

The “New Porker” comes topped with chorizo sausage and piquant pepperoni, while “What’s the Catch of the Day?” combines tuna, kalamata olives and spinach to perfection. All pizzas are made with sourdough and served with freshly prepared antipasti.

Urbano32 also serves a selection of vegan and vegetarian pizzas with exotic ingredients like truffle oil, curried chickpeas and vegan nduja.

Next time you visit Chester, be sure to try these premier pizzas!

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