Chester Zoo to Launch Shark Experience

This week, Chester Zoo will be unveiling a brand new out-of-the-water experience for shark fans.

Called “Planet Shark: Predator or Prey”, the aquatic adventure will be making its UK debut in an all-new and immersive exhibition space at the popular wildlife attraction.

The experience is designed to transport visitors to the depths of the sea to explore the watery domain of the world-famous predators and is free of charge as part of general zoo admission. Up until this Thursday, May 25, there will be a series of early previews held exclusively for members, but from then onwards, all zoo visitors can enjoy the exhibition right through to October.

Once inside the experience, visitors will find themselves surrounded by stunning underwater projections that featuring breath-taking footage explaining just why sharks are vital to our planet and its oceans. The installation allows visitors to trace back mega-annums of evolution, as they come face to face with Carcharodon carcharias, the great white shark, to see the ocean’s oldest and most efficient predator in a whole new light.

Along with the vast immersive gallery, zoo visitor can also gaze in amazement at life size shark models, exceptionally rare and old shark fossils, some of which dates back 370 million years and a collection of real shark jaws and teeth.

Designed to offer fascinating fun for all members of the family, the educational opportunity also invites visitors to learn about the biology, anatomy, sensory systems and hunting strategies of sharks, as well as Chester Zoo’s global conservation work to protect them from harm.

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