Chester Helps New Students Discover the City

Offering Chester University freshers an ideal way to explore their new home-from-home, a city-based company is presenting adventures around town. Treasure Hunt Chester supplies exciting opportunities to get to know the city better while spending time with their new friends from the mixers and events they’ve attended so far. However, it’s also ideal for returning students who have been summering away and want a chance to reconnect with the university city and see what’s new.

An app-driven experience, players can participate via their phone, where they will receive instructions and directions taking them to some of the coolest spots around the city. There will also be clues to crack, maps to follow and riddles to resolve, allowing you to impress your teammates with your personal puzzle-solving skills.

It’s understood that as an exciting and historic city, Chester attracts many tourists. However, students are often keen to find the city’s best-kept secret which are often away from the beaten path. With this in mind, Treasure Hunt Chester has rigged routes for player which bypass the tourist traps to reveal hidden gems well worth delving into.

The game even has a pirate theme, which sees players messaged by their blowhard boss Captain Bess. Crews can include as many team members as necessary, but many players find splitting into smaller groups to compete and meet up along the way can be more fun.

Whether you’re a new student in the city or back for another year, all treasure-hunting adventures will begin at Chester Town Hall.

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