Celebrate Love and Friendship in Chester

While Valentine’s Day traditionally honours romance, in our modern world it is also a celebration of friendship and love. Hit TV show Parks and Recreation coined the phrase “Galentines Day” for girls and their friends to get together, and equivalents from men have also surfaced like “Malentines Day” and “Brolentines Day”.

In the spirit of revelling in love and friendship, Treasure Hunt Chester is encouraging groups of friends to get together regardless of their sex and enjoy a citywide adventure throughout February. Offering an unforgettable opportunity, Treasure Hunt Chester takes teams on a pirate-inspired adventure as they crack clues and solve puzzles while discovering unique venues.

Led by Captain Bess via smartphone, teams of friends can appreciate each other’s company on the hunt, which begins outside Chester Town Hall. The excursion encourages teammates to have a laugh while undertaking a whirlwind tour of the city, uncovering many of its hidden gems. Ideal for visitors to Chester who want to learn more about the city, the activity also has plenty to offer residents, leading them to exciting venues they may never have encountered in their daily routine.

Finally, as there is no time limit on solving clues, friends can tackle the treasure hunt at their own pace. Chester is renowned for its eclectic mix of coffee shops, pubs and restaurants offering a diverse selection of drinks and dining, so teams can drop anchor for a round of cocktails or coffee, or replenish their energy with a snack or a sit-down meal.

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