Chester Museum to Honour the Rows

This July, Chester’s renowned Grosvenor Museum is launching an exciting event dedicated to the Chester Rows.

The Rows are utterly unique in the western part of Europe. They involve a system of half-timbered and galleried walkways running above the shops at street level, giving access to the second row. While the famous black-and-white buildings originate from the 13th century, they have been added to over the centuries, with some structures entirely rebuilt.

The museum’s single-day event is entitled “Re-Living the Rows” and offers a unique experience to unlock the history of the Chester Rows

Designed by the Grosvenor Museum Young Producers, the event aims to capture what Chester life might have been like in the past. Aged between 11 and 13, the producers wanted to explore the history of the Chester Rows and share it in an engaging and fun way to intrigue and excite the public while they walk about the city centre.

Using objects, actors, smells and sights, the event is designed to breathe new life into tales from Chester’s history, and features charming characters that people can interact with. Members of the public will also get a chance to handle replica and real objects with date to different periods.

There will be four different stations based on the Chester Rows, and a trail to follow can be picked up in advance from the Grosvenor Museum at 27 Grosvenor Street. The event will be held on July 30 between 10.30 am and 4 pm.

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