What Can Chester Offer Military Enthusiasts?

With origins as a Roman Fortress, Chester has become a mecca for those with an interest in ancient military history, complete with a wide variety of opportunities for enthusiasts to expand their knowledge and experience in and around the city.

While some present artifacts and information, others offer more hands-on experiences of soldiery, which include both past and present settings.

Roman Tours

Offering Chester tours with an authentic twist, these experiences are led by expert guides dressed in the attire of Roman legionaries. Based on the latest data recovered by leading historians, these tours offer military history buffs a glimpse into the life of soldiers of Rome who were posted where the city stands today.

Cheshire Military Museum

Located on Grosvenor Street in Colvin House, the museum has relics from a range of eras, including beautifully preserved uniforms and medals from the 16th and 17th Centuries. It also has an impressive installation that faithfully recreates an eight-foot trench from WWI and a rifle collection from WWII.

Outpost Paintball

Finally, for those who want to test their marksmanship and tactics, this unique paintball experience offers a more hands-on activity. Located between Chester and Wrexham, Outpost offers a range of military games. Players can take part in adventures like “A Bridge Too Far”, “Prison Camp”, “Sniper Tower”, “Black Hawk Down” or “Hamburger Hill”, with all equipment provided on site.

Whether you are looking to interact with Roman soldiers, examine artefacts or show off your skills in a skirmish, Chester offers plenty for those interested in martial activities.

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