Unusual Uses for Chester Cathedral

Many of the oldest parts of Chester Cathedral date to 1093 when it was a Benedictine Abbey. While the cathedral was rebuilt in the Gothic style from 1250, it has continued to be a place of worship with regular service held within its walls.

What may surprise some visitors taking in the famous city landmark, and even many locals, is how many innovative events occur at the Cathedral. Read on as we explore some unusual uses you might not know about.

Art exhibits

While the carvings and architecture of Chester Cathedral are a work of art themselves, the city treasure has hosted many art exhibitions. Among the most jaw-dropping was David Mach’s modern art show entitled “Two Twisted”, which featured two classic cars in their shipping containers.

Cinema screenings

With its excellent seating capacity and astonishing acoustics, its unsurprising that Chester Cathedral can serve as an excellent cinema. Periodically, friends of the Cathedral remove its pews, replacing them with artificial turf. Free movies are screened via a projector as guests enjoy a picnic while watching family favourites like Finding Nemo and Titanic.

Indoor climbing

Finally, the 2,000-year-old landmark has also hosted abseiling activities. For a good cause, the cathedral’s caretakers have been known to allow extreme sports fans to use ropes and professional grappling hooks to scale the interior of the ancient building.

Next time you pass by Chester Cathedral on a city visit, why not take a peep inside and see what’s going on? You never know what you will find!

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