Chester Zoo Welcomes Newborn Giant Anteater

Celebrated conservation charity and popular attraction Chester Zoo recently announced a new addition to its collection of over 350,000 animals.

In light of its ongoing aim to protect endangered species across the world, the zoo is celebrating the birth of a giant anteater pup.

While the newborn has not yet received his name, the pup is just the third of its species to be born at Chester in the 92 years it has existed. To avoid intrusion, the youngster’s birth was captured by hidden cameras operated by Zoo staff who watched as the anteater arrived and climbed onto its mother’s back.

Zoo experts report that the new arrival will cling in this position for about 10 months, with its corresponding stripe camouflaging it against the fur of mother Bliss. After this term is finished, the young anteater will start to walk and explore its enclosure, finding food for itself without parental assistance.

The team manager charged with the care of giant anteaters, David White commented:

“Mum Bliss is so far doing an excellent job of looking after her new arrival and seeing the baby clinging on tightly to her back is a really special sight. Giant anteaters are truly fascinating animals.”

Just 60cm long at the moment, giant anteaters have been recorded to grow up to seven feet in length from nose to tail. Through its breeding programme in Britain and its field work in Brazil, the native home of the Giant Anteater, Chester Zoo is working to protect and raise awareness of the plight of this rare species.

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