What’s Involved in a Medieval Tour of Chester?

Roman Tours is an award-winning tour company based in Chester, known for offering fascinating experiences led by knowledgeable guides dressed as authentic Roman Legionaries. However, it also operates Chester Medieval Tours, which allow city guests to delve into Chester in 1403.

This original and exciting tour focuses on medieval Chester at a time when England was ruled by King Henry IV. However, a rebellion in 1403 led by Henry ‘Hotspur’ Percy, buoyed by his trusted allies the Earl of Douglas and the Welsh military commander Owain Glyndwr, remained a threat to his regency.

Just like its Roman counterpart, the tour features guides who are authentically dressed, but as medieval soldiers rather than legionaries. Those taking the tour are lead around Chester with soldiers highlighting important events of the period while outlining the root causes that led to Hotspur’s rebellion against Henry. Guests of the tour also get a chance to learn what daily life was like for soldiers of the city like the skilled Cheshire longbowmen, who were famously the former bodyguards of the king.

Best of all, the tour takes in a wide range of famous sights around Chester. These include its city walls, the world-famous medieval Chester Rows, St. Johns (the first cathedral of Chester) and the Roman amphitheatre, which saw use during the medieval era. The final stop on the tour is the River Dee, where a discussion with take place of the Battle of Shrewsbury and how it concluded the rebellion.

Next time you’re in Chester, consider a public or private medieval tour to learn more about the city’s intriguing history.

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