Children’s Conservationists Course Coming to Chester

Chester Zoo will soon be offering an educational experience for kids keen to learn more about saving the species of our planet.

Part of its Junior Conservationists Skills programme, the course takes place over three weeks and allows those taking part to study genetics and hormones.

Children attending the course will enjoy an exciting introduction into the important science undertaken at Chester Zoo and discover how its conservationists apply what they learn to remedy real-world problems.

Zoo experts will explain to participants the fundamentals of hormones and genes, explain how they collect data, and demonstrate how the knowledge they obtain enables them to prevent extinction. While the course does not involve any behind-the scenes access to keeper areas or hands-on contact with zoo animals, junior conservationists will have a chance to get practical and try their hands at some lab work.

Children who join the course will also have a chance to learn about the extensive range of dedicated conservation projects the zoo supports around the world, and the importance of public engagement in its vital work to prevent the extinction of species.

The Zoo’s Junior Conservationist Skills Courses are suited to children who are currently in secondary school years seven to nine. Young people should always be booked into the specific school year group they are presently in.

The Junior Conservationists Skills Course in Hormones and Genetics will take place over three morning sessions between 10:30 am and 12:30 pm on the next three Saturdays – September 24, October 1, and October 8.

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