Hidden Gems in Chester: Unique Activities and Experiences

A bustling metropolis in northwest England, Chester is packed with places to eat and drink, and plenty of the sort of activities and entertainment found in most big cities in the UK. Its exciting restaurant scene makes it a favourite for foodies, while its theatres, cinemas and clubs make it popular for fans of the arts.

However, Chester also offers activities that are a little less common and offer both residents and visitors some unusual opportunities to add to their list of experiences. Read on to explore just some of the options worth considering on a trip to Chester.

Escaping in Chester

Chester has not just one, but two escape room centres – Escapism and Breakout Chester. These exciting opportunities allow teams of friends, family members or colleagues to work together solving puzzles, cracking riddles, and using items to escape themed rooms under a 60-minute deadline.

From cursed carnivals and creepy hotels to museum heists and kidnappings, a wide range of adventures are offered, each with its own optimum age, group size and difficulty level. Perfect for puzzle solvers, these interactive games are popular for birthday and other special occasions, as well as corporate team building exercises.

Brew beer in Chester

An excellent option for beer enthusiasts is Chester Brewhouse & Kitchen’s Brewery Experience Day. Those participating can spend an ale-fuelled day with one of the venue’s award-winning brewers and learn the tricks of the trade. The pub has an onsite micro-brewery and attendees can get hands-on experience of making beer.

The experience includes breakfast, lunch and rounds of beer throughout the day, but also offers a five-litre mini keg as a keepsake to enjoy at home. While the session can be enjoyed solo, group booking is also possible.

Unique historic tours in Chester

Renowned for its origins as a Roman fortress, Chester (known by the Romans as “Deva”) is steeped in history. While it has multiple sites of historic significance and world-class museums, those seeking a unique experience can take part in Roman Tours. An award-winning tour company, Roman Tours offer historic tours around Chester with a difference. Each excursion is led by a knowledgeable expert dressed as an authentic Roman legionary.

Roman Tours takes Chester visitors back through time to explore its key locations and their place in ancient history. Guides provide detailed commentary based on the most up-to-date understanding of military historians, giving a glimpse into what life was like for Roman soldiers and the residents of Chester 2,000 years ago.

Make cocktails in Chester

Chester cocktail bars like Red Door and Kuckoo offer special masterclasses for budding mixologists. These expert-led experiences are popular for stag and hen nights, but also for friends looking to start their night out with high-quality drinks and fun.

Groups attending masterclasses can learn how to mix classic cocktails by watching the pros at work. However, they can also get behind the bar themselves and try out their skills before enjoying the drinks they create.

Hunting for treasure

Among the most intriguing options to find even more hidden gems around the city is playing Treasure Hunt Chester. An interactive game played via your phone, this unique experience takes you on a treasure hunt around the city with clues to crack and puzzles to work out. The pirate boss Bess leads you around town, with texts taking you to some of the rarest spots in Chester, as well as its most-famous landmarks.

A favourite for new students who want to get to know their new home-from-home in a fun way, Treasure Hunt Chester is also ideal for residents and guests of the city. With plenty of pit-stops along the way for great food and drink, its ideal for a day out with family and friends. Many participants go the extra mile and dress up as swashbuckling buccaneers to get in character.

Chester Cathedral events

While Chester Cathedral still holds regular services to city guests and residents alike, the 2,000-year-old building is also respected as an exciting arts venue in the city. Its enchanting interior and impressive acoustics make it an ideal space for a diverse range of activities. It is regularly employed as a stage for concerts by candlelight with multiple music genres presented, ranging from classical concerts to tribute nights emulating stars like Frank Sinatra and Michael Bublé.

It has also hosted an extensive selection of art installations and exhibits, including sculptures paintings and mixed media displays. However, the cathedral also serves as a stage for the Chester Mystery Plays every five years – a tradition revived in 1951. Famous films have been screened within the Grade-listed building and it has even been employed as an indoor climbing environment.

You might be looking to learn more about the city where you live or be arriving in Chester for the first time. Either way, the above adventures and excursions are all waiting for you to participate. The next time you stroll this historic hub in the northwest, try a new activity or experience from our list above.

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