Spring Opening Announced for Magical Chester Attraction

May will see a brand-new attraction for the city arrive called “The Hole in Wand Chester”. A magic-inspired mini golf range, the attraction is presented by the Potions Cauldron Group who has established a presence in many parts of the country.

The company has mini golf venues in Blackpool and York and retail outlets in Edinburgh and York, and its Chester attraction plays a key role in its expansion plans.

Last year, the group celebrated its five-year anniversary, but more recently its venues were shortlisted for Visitor attraction of the Year by the Visit York and Visit Blackpool Awards.

The new nine-hole mini golf venue will be based in the heart of Chester at Eastgate. Prices will start from just £6.99 per player and all participants be able to get their hands on a signature potion they can take home worth £3.49 created by The Potions Cauldron Group. The potion awarded will depend on their score and include Basilisk Blood, Unicorn Essence, Serpents Venom and Tears of a Wizard.

Potions Cauldron Group co-founder and Director of Wizardry commented on the attraction.

“Each golf has its own magical story based on the history of the area with York focused heavily on the Georgian period, Blackpool on the Pendle Valley and Witches trials, Chester naturally lends itself to Roman inspiration with a dash of Unicorn!”.

To work with current activities in Chester, the mini-golf attraction will be open the year round to serve residents of the city and tourists alike with a love of magic and mini-golf.

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