Mother's Day in Chester 2024

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For one day each year, we rise as a nation and celebrate the Goddess in our midst, Mum. For many of us, there are 364 days through the year when Mum is selflessly key to the success of the plan. Given that, it would be churlish not to take one day and say thanks. Let’s turn our attention to this special Sunday in March and let’s explore Mother’s Day in Chester.

Now whilst florists across the county rejoice at Mother’s Day and fill their shops, stalls and workshops with more flowers than we could possibly count, we encourage you to pause. After all she’s done for you maybe flowers, albeit beautiful, are not enough to say thank you to your beloved Mum on Mothering Sunday so here’s some great ideas for you to give her the day she truly deserves!

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Things to do on Mother’s Day in Chester

Mother’s Day gift experiences and vouchers

Gift vouchers and experiences for meals, outings, adventures, spas or hotels make magnificent presents to make your Mum feel special and mean she can enjoy them on a date of her choosing.

  • Located in Pars Kahve you will find the hidden treasure of Pars Bazaar an exquisite gift shop right in the centre of the city overlooking the Chester Cross where you can buy beautifully designed unique homeware and handcrafted jewellery whilst having a delicious Turkish tea or coffee or maybe a plate of something gorgeous
  • A different way to spend some quality time together on Mother’s Day is an escape room experience with Breakout or Escapism Chester, or you can buy gift vouchers to enjoy later
  • ChesterBoat provides a beautiful setting floating down the river Dee and have gift experience vouchers for their multiple party boats and scenic river tours which are always a winner for a special gift
  • For the nature lover Mum’s out there how about adopting an animal or a membership at Chester Zoo or an annual pass at Blue Planet and if your Mum is adventurous you can even book a swimming with sharks experience at Blue Planet!
  • For the Mum’s who are real cinema and theatre buffs a membership or show tickets at Storyhouse make great gifts and for fans of live music and comedy you can book a great night out at Alexander’s Live or Live Rooms

Click on the gift voucher or shop button on any of the following listings to purchase from them directly…

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Mothering Sunday

Find yourself an empty seat on the Mothership and take a ride with us through the Motherland of Cheshire as we go in search of much much more to do for Mum.  We are going to explore a smorgasbord of sensational suggestions, a picnic of perfect propositions and a buffet of breathtakingly brilliant ideas.  

Fabulous food, indulgent spa days, overnight stays, super shopping, table top dancing, afternoon tea, theatre, cinema, fudge feasting, cheese chomping, private dining, live gigs, pamper days, refined concerts, animals, art, city slick or country cool, we are here to help you create the ideal Mother’s Day for your Mum, for every Mum.

God cannot be everywhere and so he gave us Mothers – Rudyard Kipling

“My partner and seven-year-old son decided to cook lunch at home on Mother’s Day.  It was lovely. I sat in the lounge indulging on a box set and lunch was served to me, just a lovely day…

…took me two days to clean the kitchen and I never did work out how they melted a Pyrex jug.”

There is nothing more satisfying than a shared meal…

Celebrating Mother’s Day with food has been part and parcel of this annual event since the very beginnings of the tradition. Nothing is going to please Mum more than to sit around a table with loved ones and share a meal.  If it is not Mum’s table and the kitchen is still intact because you are eating out, then Mum is going to be even more pleased. 

Finding somewhere to eat is easy because we are spoilt with a vast array of pubs and restaurants in Chester.  Search this website to find the best of Chester’s venues to tease and tantalise your palate this Mother’s Day.  Once we have hopefully led you to your choice amongst the restaurants of Chester, use our feature and book your table straightaway.

Where do you go to? When do you go?…

The decision to make Mother’s Day something special for Mum is just the tip of the iceberg, so thank goodness this website is here to help. 

Only you will know the constraints on the day, so whether it is breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner or supper is yours to decide.  Don’t worry, is going to help you decide where to go for a meal.

A Word of Advice…

Do your research.  This is Mother’s Day, Mothering Sunday, one of the biggest eating events in the food and drink sector’s calendar.  The pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants of Chester want your business and they are offering delicious menus to suit every dietary need – vegan, gluten free, vegetarian, carnivore. 

The pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants of Chester and Cheshire really want your business so there is a wealth of deals, special offers, and great incentives to encourage you through their door. Go ahead, don’t be shy, use us to find those great offers, this is Mum’s day after all.

A Big Breakfast…

Early birds and activity seekers might favour a big Chester breakfast. Let’s be honest, there is something mouth-wateringly magical about a plate weighed down under a full English breakfast… sausage, bacon, tomatoes, a couple of eggs, maybe some baked beans, toast dripping with melted butter and a steaming hot pot of tea or coffee. 

It does not matter if the rest of the day is reading the newspapers, scaling the Chester city walls or jogging to Tarporley, my word, you have started well.


For those of you who need the day to get some air to its legs before you venture out, there is brunch.  Brunch was designed for those who need the mouth-watering magic of a full English breakfast but with a little refinement.  Oh, and a little later in the morning, hence brunch.

Salmon on an English muffin or Eggs Benedict or an omelette perhaps… oh, I just can’t wait to have some lunch, so fill me plate and call it brunch.


At last, the middle of the day, just sneaking into the early afternoon and the restaurants of Chester and the pubs of idyllic Cheshire are serving Sunday lunch.  Best still, the pubs and restaurants are serving Mother’s Day Sunday lunch. 

Two course, three courses, a traditional Sunday roast, a carvery, pick from the Table D’Hote menu or really give Mum some choice and reach for the A La Carte. It is Mother’s Day and families are sitting down with Mum tucking into something delicious and smiling. 

Another Word of Advice…

Don’t be constrained. The traditional Sunday roast done well is world beating and will hold its own against anything to come out of the kitchens of the world. Having said that though, let’s not be dismissive of Italian, Thai, French or something from the grill. Chester is home to some great steakhouses and world cuisine examples, stretch your wings.

Also, worth mentioning at this point, if you are saving Mum for dinner, don’t leave the day empty. Choose one of Chester’s many coffee houses and bars, the city is blessed with a score of independent venues. Don’t forget cake though because coffee without cake is just coffee. 

Mother is the name for God in the hearts and on the lips of little children – William Makepeace Thackeray

“I am not saying I did not enjoy the thrash metal concert with my Grandson for Mother’s Day because that would be ungrateful but given my bad knees, maybe a seat would have been preferable to the mosh pit…” 

Afternoon Tea…

The world-renowned hotels of London will have been booked up for months with foreign visitors wanting afternoon tea. Well, we love you London, but you want afternoon tea, come to Chester. A stroll through the city taking in the historic city walls, the simply delightful Rows, the beauty of the River Dee as it meanders through before arriving at your chosen venue. 

Afternoon tea with finger sandwiches, delicate pastries and tarts, dainty slices of Victoria sponge or fruit cake and a quintessentially English cup of tea… love you, Mum.

Evening Dinner…

So, we are going for dinner with Mum? You have mulled over the options of eating at any other time of the day and decided dinner is a winner. Good call. The bars and restaurants of Chester have fired up the stoves, the wine is chilling, the tables are open, the menus are a carnival of choice. Throw dietary needs into a bag along with style of cooking, style of venue, size of your party and your budget and shake them all up. 

Evening dinner comes with deals, offers, incentives and so, so much choice. Let us help you book the perfect dinner choice for Mother’s Day, for Mum.

In a child’s eyes, a mother is a goddess. She can be glorious or terrible, benevolent or filled with wrath, but she commands love either way. — N.K. Jemisin

“The Tempting & The Troubled were my favourite band, I followed them all over the country and had their posters on my wall.  They were gorgeous and icons of punk. Tickets to the 40th anniversary reunion tour were appreciated but sadly there was nothing tempting anymore and it was very troubling…” 

Spa Days & Pamper Days…

Who doesn’t want to be indulged? Spa days and pamper days, be they just for the day or tied into an overnight stay can often be the perfect way to celebrate Mother’s Day.  

Chester provides a wealth of options to create the optimum blend of venue, location and treatments.  It is a wonderful way to detach from the world for a few hours by slipping into a towelling robe and slippers and letting expert hands, massage and cleanse and tone and detox and destress and aaaaahhhh…

Mother and daughter, Mother and partner, Mother and friend, whatever the combination, it is great conversation, great therapy and great fun.  The joy of spa days and pamper days aside from the lotions and potions and treatments is that the day drifts by and it is a great opportunity to catch up on news and gossip with your spa day companion.

Spa Packages Aplenty…

Lots of venues are offering tantalising and tempting packages for Mother’s Day.  The packages give you choices about overnight stays, more treatment choices than there are hours in the day, building in brunch or lunch or dinner or all three.  

Choose a venue in the city and combine it with some shopping or out of the city and combine with the breath taking Cheshire scenery.  You decide.

Gallery or Aviary?…

There are just so many things to do in Chester and in Cheshire or a little further afield. If Chester is your base camp for Mother’s Day, then keep your seat in the Mothership as we circle over art galleries, If Chester is your base camp for Mother’s Day, then keep your seat in the Mothership as we circle over art galleries, a magnificent zoo, environmental projects welcoming visitors, ice cream farms, river boats, live gigs, live theatre, arthouse cinema, boutique shopping, wine tasting, cheese tasting, country walks, the stunning scenery of North Wales, the Dee estuary, craft events, or just sitting by the river and watching everyone else get on with it. 

What’s On… can point you towards what’s on, what’s going on and what to do to make Mother’s Day a rip-roaring success. 

Find an open table and book it through us. Find event tickets and book them through us. Find the perfect Mother’s Day treat and make it happen through us.  

I am sure that if the mothers of various nations could meet, there would be no more wars. – E. M. Forster

“I did enjoy the spa day in a way.  The facial using mud taken from the Manchester ship canal was unusual and although I went through with the deep tissue massage using two tarantulas and a boa constrictor, it was perhaps not for me.  Sandra, my friend, came with me and said she enjoyed the massage. She said the snake reminded her of her ex-husband, bit clingy and very slimy…”

But hang on just a minute…

So, the options for Mother’s Day on Sunday the 19th of March are endless but here is the problem; it is not Mother’s Day in March.

Mother’s Day is a national day of celebration which takes place in the USA which takes place in May.  This year it is on the 14th of May.  The holiday was passed into law by President Woodrow Wilson in 1914 to honour mothers whose sons had died in conflicts representing the United States.

Mothering Sunday on the 4th Sunday of Lent…

Sunday the 10th of March is Mothering Sunday.  The early references to the event can be traced back to the 16th century where people would travel to their ‘Mother’ church during Lent to worship. Returning to the church of their childhood was referred to as going ‘a-mothering’. 

Mothering Sunday as we know it today is attributable to Constance Penswick-Smith who campaigned to revive Mothering Sunday in 1921 to honour her own Mother who had died.  Over the years and with the special relationship between us over here and them on the other side of the pond, the two events have merged a little and hence our use of Mother’s Day.

The Golden Rules…

Whether it is Mothering Sunday or Mother’s Day in your home, the message is the same.  Let us help you to do something special for Mum. Whatever you decide to do, remember the golden rules:

  1. Book early to avoid disappointment
  2. Put Mum at the centre of the day
  3. Eat what she would like to eat.
  4. Do what she would like to do.
  5. Go where she would like to go…

It is, after all, only one day.

And finally… along with all the pubs, bars, restaurants, venues and places of interest in Chester and Cheshire that it represents wishes every Mother, Grandmother, Mother-in-Law, Step-Mother, Foster Mother and all the Mothers living in and around or visiting Chester, a simply wonderful Mothering Sunday. You deserve it.  We all appreciate you greatly.