Pedestrian Shopping Comes to The Suburb of Hoole

Camden High Street in London, Buchanan Street in Edinburgh, De Dam in Amsterdam, Rue Mouffetard in Paris and now… Faulkner Street in Hoole. What do all these have in common? They’re perfect for pedestrian shopping!

More and more people around the world want their communities – neighborhoods, villages, towns and cities – to be more liveable. Liveable communities provide residents with opportunities to enjoy a high quality of life by allowing them to live in a variety of housing options and to walk, bike or take public transportation to go to the places they most frequently need to go every day, such as work, schools, grocery stores, shopping malls, parks, recreational areas and health facilities.

This is what is happening in the area of Hoole now, home to the ever popular cocktail bar and eaterie, The Suburbs.

The popular Chester Suburb is getting a makeover as the currently narrow footpaths will be made wider to allow pedestrians safely and in a socially distanced manner access the high street shops, restaurants and bars. More flowerbeds are also being installed as part of the revamp.

A safer, more beautiful high street for Hoole? Sign us up, please!

For those used to popping into the shops on Faulkner Street by car, there’s even more good news: parking won’t be an issue! To replace the area used for widened footways, additional 30 min bays are being provided near DeliVert and on Walker Street too.

Six bays in the Bishop Street car park will become “Free For 30 Minutes” bays for those quick dashes to the shops. The disabled bays there will also be remarked to be clearer.

There will be temporary signs put up to guide drivers, but we as Hooligans and Hoolites can also do our bit! Spread the word so that those visiting our lovely suburb and maybe even those who live here but haven’t yet heard know about the project and how it will change the High Street layout. If anyone worries about parking, let’s tell them that there will still be free parking available, and also very affordable parking with hours of Hoole fun for just 50p!

And most importantly, let’s keep using our lovely local shops, eateries and watering holes, especially now that it will be safer to do so!

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