Treasure Hunt Calls to Chester Students

With new term now off and running, Treasure Hunt Chester is offering an opportunity for new and returning students to get to know the city better through an interactive experience.

The pirate-themed treasure hunt take place in Chester’s famous streets and includes a wide selection of its coolest locations and landmarks.

As a result, it provides freshers at Chester University with a chance to explore some of the best cafes and pubs in their new home from home. However, the fun-packed game also allows returning students a chance to reunite with their mates for an afternoon adventure that avoids the tourist traps to discover some of the city’s hidden gems.

The Romans and The River hunt starts from Chester Town Hall at 33 Northgate Street. Designed for adults, the game allows crews of all sizes, and is a chance for all to test their pirate skills. Messages are sent via SMS from the bossy Captain Bess to guide players from place to place around Chester, solving cryptic clues as they follow the treasure map. The hunt features plenty of stops along the way, offering those taking part a chance to grab a bite to eat and a drink as they discover new haunts for the term ahead.

Many people taking part go the extra mile and dress up in pirate fancy dress, so if you’re out and about in Chester and see a crew of swashbucklers on the street, this is sure to be the reason why!

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