Chester Restaurant Honours California Wine Month

To celebrate California Wine Month, Chester’s iconic American-style steakhouse Upstairs at the Grill is offering limited edition wine flights for the next few days.

Wine enthusiasts will know that “flight” is a term used to describe a selection of wines sharing commonality, and the independent steakhouse on Watergate Street has chosen two new flights that will only be available to diners in the month of September.

The flights have been carefully curated by Mylo Southern, the Chester restaurant’s resident wine devotee, and feature exceptionally rare, high-calibre and small-batch wines from California. Upstairs at the Grill is renowned for offering an original dining experience that combines traditional and contemporary flavours, but also for its impressive wine list. The selection on offer includes some of the most sought-after labels from the Nappa Valley, where California’s world-famous vineyards can be found.

Director of Upstairs at The Grill, Jason Bligh, noted that the eatery believes it has some of the rarest Californian wines that can be found in Europe, if not the world.

California’s climate makes it an ideal location for growing some of the most coveted grape varieties in existence, including zinfandel, cabernet sauvignon and chardonnay. Paying tribute to California Wine Month, the two exclusive selection at the steakhouse are dubbed “The Oak Farm Flight” priced at £40 per person and the “Celebrating California Flight” for £135 per person. Each flight contains a quartet of wines selected to complement each other.

While flights come in 100ml servings, all wines featured can also be purchased at the restaurant by the bottle or individual glass.

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