Chester Zoo Celebrates Volunteers Week

Leading Northwest England conservationist Chester Zoo recently held a joint celebration for Volunteers Week and Power of Youth Day.

In honour of the important events that take place each year in early June, the zoo recognised the achievements and efforts of young people who volunteer at Chester, helping it to raise awareness of the plight of endangered species around the world.

Lindsay Marston, Chester Zoo’s Volunteer Manager, commented:

“Power of Youth Day is a great chance to reflect on young people’s impact and potential in their communities through volunteering and social action. I am proud of everything the group achieved during their time with us.”

She added that the volunteers were a fantastic addition to the zoo’s team and emphasised how impressed she was with the campaign and learning resources they had created, as well as their passion and creativity for conservation.

Chester Zoo provides an enriching experience specifically for young people aiming to complete the volunteering part of their bronze and silver Duke of Edinburgh awards. The comprehensive initiative delivers training, support, and volunteering opportunities to guarantee a fulfilling experience for all taking part.

Over three months, seven specially selected candidates from schools local to Chester actively engage in a range of important activities. These include interacting with visitors to the zoo, gaining knowledge about Chester’s conservation campaigns and animals, and participating in masterclasses to develop their skills. Masterclasses involve students creating a learning resource or conservation campaign of their own to teach others.

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