Unmissable Adventures on the Water in Chester

While the River Dee rises in Snowdonia, it flows east through Chester before it discharges into the sea via the estuary between the Wirral Peninsula and Wales. As a result, residents and those visiting Chester will find unbeatable opportunities for activities on the water suited to all tastes.

Below, we’ll explore three different opportunities available to you from city-based companies:

Dee River Kayaking

Offering guided kayaking tours and expert instruction, Dee River Kayaking provides options suited to all skill levels. Participants can take a gentle paddle through Chester as the Dee meanders past historic Roman walls from the 1st Century, or take a trip upstream where the river cascades down into the Dee Valley amid bubbling white rapids.

Blackgoat Adventures

Specialists in stand up paddle (SUP) boarding, the team at Blackgoat Adventures provide qualified training, equipment and instruction to help intrepid explorers tackle the River Dee like a pro. From absolute beginners to those seeking to improve their skills, a training opportunity is offered for all.


Those who prefer a more placid pace to their river adventures will find this family-run firm ideal. With over four decades of delighting visitors with tours of the River Dee, ChesterBoat offers half-hour cruises with scenic views of the city limits. However, leisurely voyages across the Duke of Westminster’s renowned Eaton Estate are also available on a two-hour tour called the Iron Bridge Cruise.

The next time you’re in Chester, make sure you take time to appreciate the River Dee, whether you’re standing on the bank admiring its beauty or are on an excursion on the water.

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