Your weekend plans are about to change – brunch style! When it comes to catching up or just popping out for a bite to eat, nothing quite beats a good brunch – the magical combination of breakfast and lunch.

Chester is an ever changing city constantly rising with new businesses, and it is now one of the best places in the North-West to live. With a City beaming to the top with history, plenty of people who are proud to live and work in this city- and outstanding places to indulge in food and drink our options are seemingly endless for any occasion, however here are our 5 places to brunch in Chester!


Let’s start with something a bit controversial – Chicken and waffles.. covered in maple syrup. Yes, you did read that right – Hickory’s is where we starting!

With a perfect location and fantastic views over looking the River Dee, what more could you ask for! Hickory’s has grown from strength to strength with a large restaurant and bar area there are always plenty of seats – however, it does get very busy due to how popular it is, so we do recommend booking if you are going at peak times!

The brunch menu has a wide variety of Southern State dishes, from The Great American Breakfast (with tater tots!) – to our personal favourite of Fried Chicken and Waffles, there is just something about fried chicken and maple syrup that just belongs together. A match made in sweet and savoury heaven! They also have plenty of gluten free and vegan options to cater to everyone.

Address: Souters Lane, Chester, CH1 1SD

Price Range: £4 – 16

The Alchemist

Next up is The Alchemist – the must visit place for cocktails, and brunch!

The Alchemist hasn’t long been open in Chester, however, it has had such an impact on the nightlife and on the food scene with their extensive menu and unique cocktail list, the choices are endless for brunch.

Our choice is the “Mish Mosh” option on the menu anytime we dine here, with broken eggs and chorizo you cannot go wrong! You could consider it quite healthy due to it containing spinach, however when you pair it with a cocktail (if you want to keep with the brunch theme, a Bloody Mary is highly recommended!). it’s more of a naughty weekend treat. The breakfast menu has everything you need on it, from Steak to overnight oats, The Alchemist have you covered.

Address: St John Street, Chester, CH1 1DA

Price Range: £4 – £13


Meltdown – Do we really need to say anymore?  Meltdown has taken over Handbridge as the toastie place to be, from your classic cheese – to the amazing creation of the Breakfast melt including hash browns AND beans, Meltdown tackles the real issues in the world like “What am I going to have on my toastie?”.

Meltdown do everything so perfectly with a three cheese blend, and locally sourced food you really cannot go wrong with this amazing place – or if a toastie isn’t tickling your fancy, they also offer potatoes covered in cheese, in other words – Heaven. Meltdown also holds numerous events, such as cheese and wine pairing nights and private dining options which we believe is a fantastic opportunity to grab a load of friends, eat these toasties in great company and put the world to rights. Did we mention they serve alcohol to?

Address: 14 Queen’s Park View, Chester, CH4 7BU

Price Range: £4 – £9

Atina Kitchen

This next spot that we just had to put on this list – due to the amazing staff, and some of the best brunch you will eat, ever.

Atina Kitchen is located centrally in Chester and is a great spot if you’re looking at getting away from the busy shops. The staff are so welcoming, you feel like part of the Atina crew. With menus located in old National Geographical magazines and recipe pages from books plastered everywhere, you really get the feeling that these guys know what they’re talking about when it comes to food.

Smoked Salmon on thick white toasted bread, with melt in the mouth poached eggs, is what Saturday brunch is all about. The omelettes with pea shoots, jalapeños and cheese is a fantastic brunch option if you want something a little different and the coffee is a key part of your brunch here! If you’re hunting for a more relaxed environment to enjoy your brunch, make sure you give Atina a try.

Address: 103 Foregate Street, Chester, CH1 1HE

Price Range: £5 – £11

The Flower Cup

Now, one of’s favourite places at the moment is The Flower Cup. From their take on helping Chester become the first straw free City to the fact you can eat brunch, surrounded by plants and cacti which you can purchase and have a small garden in your home, what isn’t to love?

Every time we go here, the experience just gets better – from their specials to their ever-changing cake selection, the french toast is the perfection and to pair it with fresh peaches and berry compote is how everyone should be doing brunch. Located on the rows on Watergate street, this is one of the best places to escape to if you want to step away from everything and enjoy the peaceful environment at this fantastic café.

Address: 61 Watergate Row South, Chester, CH1 2LE

Price: £5 – £10