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Category: Animals & Nature in Chester

Feb 20
Dancing Lemur Born at Chester Zoo

Cheshire’s world-renowned Chester Zoo recently announced that it has welcomed a…

Feb 02
Chester Zoo Welcomes Rare Tree Kangaroo

Chester Zoo’s breeding programme for the Goodfellow’s tree kangaroo recently…

Jan 18
Rare Chimpanzee Born at Chester Zoo

Conservation specialist and national attraction Chester Zoo is celebrating the birth of

Jan 10
Strictly Star to Make Chester Zoo Appearance

Conservation site and popular city attraction Chester Zoo has announced

Dec 27
Celebrate Visit the Zoo Day in Chester

With over two million visitors arriving each year, it is understood that Chester Zoo…

Dec 24
Rare Species Born in Chester Zoo

Acclaimed conservation expert and city attraction Chester Zoo recently announced the…

Dec 18
Cheshire Aquarium Presents Christmas Breakfast

World-renowned freshwater and marine attraction Blue Planet Aquarium will be hosting a…

Dec 08
Three Chester Adventures for Animal Fans

The Chester area has an abundance of activities and entertainment for all tastes, but…

Nov 10
Chester Zoo Set to Start Lanterns Event

City landmark Chester Zoo has unveiled details of its upcoming seasonal event, “The…

Nov 02
Chester Zoo Welcomes Rare Rhino Calf

Conservationists at the world-renowned Chester Zoo are currently celebrating the…

Oct 18
Chester Zoo Releases Free Tickets for Those in Need

A recent announcement has unveiled that Chester Zoo has now released 5,000 free…

Oct 12
Rare Triplets Revealed at Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo recently announced that triplets belonging to a rare Madagascan species…

Sep 18
Children’s Conservationists Course Coming to Chester

Chester Zoo will soon be offering an educational experience for kids keen to learn…

Sep 10
Children’s TV Presenters to Headline Chester Zoo Event

Chester Zoo has announced that presenters from some of the UK’s most popular…

Aug 24
Chester Zoo Asks People to Fight Deforestation

The large-scale conversion of the world’s tropical forests into plantations growing…

Aug 10
New Cat in Town at Chester Zoo

Britain’s most-loved wildlife attraction, Chester Zoo, recently took a critically…

Jul 12
Chester Zoo to Open Until Sunset For The First Time Ever

This summer you will be able to explore Chester Zoo as never before as special Into…

Jul 09
Chester Zoo Welcomes New Penguin Chicks

Chester Zoo has announced the arrival of nine Humboldt penguin chicks with some very…

Jul 01
Chester Zoo Reveals New Luxury Wedding and Events Venue

Spring 2023 will see the launch of Chester Zoo’s new wedding and events venue,…

Jun 09
Chester Zoo Wins Top Prize at Prestigious Tourism Awards Ceremony

Chester Zoo has won the top prize at the nation’s biggest tourism award…

Apr 28
Chester Zoo Celebrates The Birth of Twin Red-Bellied Lemurs

Chester Zoo is celebrating the birth of two red-bellied lemurs, which are one of the…