Architects Appointed for Chester Racecourse Development

Chester Race Company recently appointed two different architectural practices to start work on the latest development phase at Chester’s record-breaking racecourse. Lovelock Mitchell Architects and Kay Elliott Architects have been commissioned jointly to prepare strategic development plans and an initial phase of two new projects at important racecourse sites.

The appointments recognises that each practice has its strengths. While Lovelock Mitchell has extensive racecourse experience and local knowledge, Kay Elliott holds a considerable record in leisure and hospitality projects.

The first site overlooks Chester Racecourse’s Parade Ring. A brand new hospitality building will be constructed here to replace the temporary marquees. Commonly referred to as the “tented village”, the marquees are raised every summer to support the racing season.

Saddlery Way is the second site. Plans for the location involve the creation of a new HQ for the events and catering division of Chester Racecourse, known as Horseradish. The new building will also serve as a base for the course’s maintenance division.

CEO of Chester Race Company, Louise Stewart, said:

“Our plan will replace some of the ageing buildings on site, which also gives us the opportunity to reduce the impact of our operations on the environment and improve the presentation of the site.”

The two Chester Race Company proposals form phase one of its Strategic Development Plan, drawn up to outline an investment strategy for the long-term. The extensive initiative will detail a development programme that extends to 2039, the year when Chester Racecourse, the oldest active racecourse in the world, will celebrate running for five centuries.

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