Interactive Game Offers Fresh Take on Chester

While some guests of Chester are keen to seek out celebrated landmarks, others are intrigued by the walled cities hidden history and latest bars and restaurants. Ideal for couples and groups with mixed agendas, an option exists that can satisfy all tastes together.

Treasure Hunt Chester is an interactive adventure with a pirate theme played via your smartphone. Whether residents or new to the city, parties can receive clues and riddles to resolve that lead them around Chester to various sites and places of interest.

While celebrated sites in Chester can be seen during the experience like the cities grade-listed cathedral, Medieval Rows and renowned Roman walls, other clues will take treasure hunters off the beaten track. However, those with a passion for the unusual will encounter tales of Roman soldiers boasting about their boss with graffiti and medieval mysteries inset in a wall at St John’s ruins.

Hidden gems like Chester taverns, teashops and eateries are dotted along the way but back from the tourist trail for an authentic city experience. Summer is an excellent time to participate in Treasure Hunt Chester. From unspoiled views of Chester Cathedral’s spires sparkling in the sunshine to lounging on the lawns in verdant Grosvenor Park in between clues, there is much to enjoy during the warmest season of the year.

The next time you take a trip around the city, avoid aimlessly wandering the ring roads and consider taking the path less often trodden with a treasure hunt around town.

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