It’s Time For a Mother’s Day Adventure Experience in Chester

If you’re running out of ideas for the perfect gift this Mother’s Day then Treasure Hunt Chester has the perfect experience for you to share with you Mum. Get the family together and make a day of it in Chester.  Find out more from Treasure Hunt Chester here …

Treat Mum with Treasure Hunt Chester this Mother’s day

It’s that time of year again, looking for the perfect way to show your mum how great she is. Give her the perfect gift this year- an afternoon with you! Put the chocolates back on the shelf and add a Treasure Hunt Chester game to your basket!

Take your mum on an adventure this Mother’s day with a trip into town to play Treasure Hunt Chester It’s a fun way to spend some quality time with Mum, getting out the house and making memories together.

“Kept our 2 children’s (13 & 10) attention throughout. Clues are pitched at the right level with good hints when needed.”


It’s designed for adults, so you’ll have a laugh together (8+ are welcome too if you want to make a family day of it – 15 and under go FREE).

You’ll be testing out your essential pirate skills – following treasure maps, solving cryptic clues, and looking carefully around the city to find the answers. You’ll all be led around the city by a bossy pirate character who sends messages to your phones.

An illustration of how Treasure Hunt Chester works

Plenty of stops

Don’t worry, there’s plenty of time for stops along the way if Mum rebels! We’ve planned a carefully designed route that passes some of Chester’s best pubs and cafes so you won’t go thirsty.

Last minute? No problem!

What’s more, if you’re disorganised like me and you’re reading this on Sunday morning, no problem! You can book last minute, unlike all restaurants which are all booked up.

Book your Mother’s Day adventure.

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